night landing


100 octane driven grasshopper

flying shepherd

An-2 “Wiedeńczyk” (Viennese), Nowy Targ 2016

An-2 "Wiedenczyk" 7447 Nowy Targ Aeroclub

Such folklore is possible only at Nowy Targ Aeroclub (EPNT) – yes, there are grazing sheep in the background :)

fiend in the rain

TS-8 “Bies” (fiend), Krakow Airshow 2015 (Malopolski Piknik Lotniczy)

TS-8 Bies at Krakow Airshow


grey Fitter “3713”

Sukhoi Su-22M4 “3713” display

Two weeks ago I had a pleasure to visit 23rd Base of Tactical Aviation in Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland where a small aviation picnic took place. One point of the program was Su-22 dynamic display. Despite hers obsolete construction from 70s , Su-22 with variable swept  wing , powerful and smoky Lulka engine and visible waist (transonic area rule design) is very attractive aircraft for every spotter or aviation enthusiast.

Polish Air Force Sukhoi Su-22 m4

There can be many many words to write about aircraft which is in active service in Polish Air Force since 1974, but so  far just a few photos in new grey painting, during great display by Captain Pilot Robert Jankowski “Yankee” from 21st Tactical Aviation Base, enjoy:



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