PZL.50a Jastrzab maiden flight

The maiden flight of PZL.50a RC model

PZL.50a Jastrzab model RC Aeroklub Krakowski

Being a witness of aircraft maiden flight is simply unforgettable, maybe not exactly real aircraft but RC model – the first and the only one on the world – Polish pre-war fighter PZL.50a “Jastrzab” (Hawk). The model is in 1:4.3 scale, aluminium covered and piston engine powered masterpiece of modeling.  The maiden flight took place September 9th (after 73 years since last PZL.50 flight) at the Krakow Aeroclub airfield in Pobiednik Wielki.

Warm-up and taxing:

The creator and test pilot:

First takeoff:

PZL.50a first takeoff

PZL.50a Jastrzab in maiden flight:

Just before landing:

PZL.50a Pobiednik Wielki

PZL.50a landing

After the landing:



Balice October-sun-fest

daub or not?

T-28 Trojan sunset flight

This lucky photo of Flying Bulls T-28 Trojan has been taken during sunset in Radom this August and I’m confused and I have mixed feelings about it – is it already daub or just a nice photo ;)

50 milliseconds

vulgar display of power

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