sun eclipse

Patrulla Aspa helicopters formtion

This is the kind of solar eclipse I like most, ‘almost like in American movie’ – helicopters formation from Patrulla Aspa – Spanish Demo Team is crossing the Sun, photo taken during Radom Airshow 2015.


the unique duel

Artur Kielak and L-29 “Delfin” in Nowy Targ 2016

My excitement rises every day since only one week left to Radom Airshow 2017, where, I hope I will finally  see Xtreme Sky Force – the  duel of XA-41 piloted by Artur Kielak and Polish Air Force MiG-29 (Lt. Jacek Stolarek from 23rd Air Base). For now I just would like to show some photos of not such spectacular display, but IMHO very unique, because it was spontaneous display, which happened only once and it is very unlikely that it will be repeated on the future.

Artur Kielak in XA-41 and L-29 Delfin

In 2016, during Aviation Picnic in Nowy Targ Artur Kielak and Aero L-29 “Delfin” (unfortunately I don’t know crew names) had their own solo displays.  When Artur had finished his display, he hadn’t landed, but he was cruising high over the airfield, when L-29 took off, then Atrur dived at full speed like genuine ‘boom-and-zoomer’ from WWII era and joined into close formation with L-29. They flew a few rounds and after split L-29 was continuing solo display.

Artur Kielak and L-29 in Nowy Targ 2016

They have given me a very nice surprise, which left nice memories and some, not very good but valuable for me photos:

Artur Kielak L-29 Nowotarski Piknik Lotniczy


XtremeAir XA-41 with L-29 in close formation flight

At the end, for the visitors who were enough patient to scroll down those few photos and read less then 200 words: link to the great photo gallery by Slawek ‘Hesja’ Krajniewski where you can see how such display really looks like.

so many Ants

19th European Antonov An-2 Meeting in Mielec

I simply love Antonov An-2, so I couldn’t miss such event as European An-2 Meeting – World’s cradle of An-2’s , which took place in Mielec – just 150 klicks form my home. It wasn’t planned as sort of regular airshow widely opened for public, so I went there in haphazard way, but thanks to the hospitality and kindness of people form EPML Spotters (Mielec Spotters Group) I get the “last minute” spotter pass. As I wrote, meeting was in Mielec, where in aviation works PZL Mielec over 11 thousands An-2’s have been build in years 1960-2002. Antonov AN-2 “Antek” was one of most mass produced aircrafts , with total number of more than 18000 is on the 12th place of all airplanes and 5th when planes built during wars are excluded.

10 An-2’s participated in meeting:

1. UR-EXB – Ukraine – a new type – An-2 100 with Motor Sich MS-14 turboprop engine

An-2-100 from Ukraine

2. SP-WOU – Poland

Antonov An-2 SP-WOU in Mielec

3. SP-WWL – Poland

Cropdusting version of An-2 SP-WWL in Mielec

4. OK-GIB – Czech Republic

Antonov An-2 OK-GIB

5. D-FUKM – Germany

German An-2 D-FUKM "Anastasia"

6. LY-APG – Lithuania

Antonov An-2 LY-APG

7. D-FWJK – Germany

An-2 D-FWJK in Mielec Airport

8. OK-XIG – Czech Republic


9. D-FOJB – Germany

Antonov An-2 D-FOJB taxing in Mielec Airport EPML

10. LY-ABK – Lithuania

Antonov An-2 LY-ABK

– number seems to be small, but anyway its quite unique to see such number of flyable Antonovs in one place and one time.

It was very hot and sultry day, all An-2’s took place on the beginning of runway, they were led by PZL M28 Skytruck modern aircraft, currently produced by PZL MielecPZL M28 Skytruck taxin in Mielec EPML after takeoff they flew a few rounds over Mielec city.

Formation of An-2 flying over Mielec An-2 formation flight
The landing was also a precision landing competition, but it was too far to judge and I have no idea which crew won.
An-2 and M28 lading in Mielec

Yet another pictures in gallery, enjoy:


8th Airlift Base at evening

Last days were so so hot, that when I could I ran away from stifling canter of Krakow and spent evenings near Krakow Balice Airport, which is also home for Polish Air Force 8th Airlift Base. Here are some results of my spotting there – evening landings of C-295s and M28s :



night landing

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