Riding like a boss

so classical… so boring ;)

its high time to clean the sensor

Pair of Mi-24 Hinds from 56 BLot Inowroclaw

Hot, sunny day, dust is everywhere – it grits between my teeth, its on camera sensor just few hours after the cleaning. Sun burns my left eye (right is swollen after wasp or bee bite…) and I barely see what is going on , I use ears to point camera on source of sound. Rumbling pair of “Hinds” rolls just over my head – cavalry just arrived, hooah…

This picture of Mi-24 Hinds from Polish Army 56th Combat Helicopters Regiment* definitely  would fail screening process on airliners, jetphotos or other aviation photos site. I had tried to remove dust spots, but after 100th I’ve gave up :) Anyway I don’t and I will not submit photos on such sites, why? the answer is just above.

*) In matter of fact 56th Regiment (56. Pułk Śmigłowców Bojowych) is a former name of 56. Aviation Base (56. Baza Lotnictwa)

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