one landing per month

Today I would like to share with the readers something different than my photos – a few words by Artur Kielak, Ryanair B738 pilot:

…I’m always saying that airline pilot gets his all salary for one landing per month…this is the day I earned mine…maximum crosswind limit steady, gust plus steady and gust in one…FULL FORCE column deflections was required…I LOVE Boeing 737 for it’s stability in severe conditions…

And for the people who think that airliner pilot job is just “to push take-off and land button” and “everything is done by autopilot” the short movie from his landing

Besides being airliner pilot, Artur is a great aerobatic pilot and I had a big pleasure to watch him a few times doing, well… doing the things ;)  and make some photos.

You can find more about him at:

His official webpage:

FB fanpage:



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