“Orlik” Aerobatic Team

Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team “Orlik”

Apart from “Bialo-Czerwone Iskry”, another Polish Air Forces Aerobatic Team is “Orlik”. Their name comes from the aircraft they use: PZL-130 TC-II “Orlik”. Team has been formed in 1998, then in 2005 their activities have been suspended for two years. Fortunately  there were some thinking guys in Polish Air Forces staff, and had restored them – after withdrawal of TS-11 Iskra Poland would have no demo team. So now, as befits a superpower-air-forces we have two teams ;) and we can admire both of them during airshows :D, at least for a next year or two.  Another interesting fact, they used to fly in group of nine planes, so they were most numerous demo team among turboprop ones, now they fly in group of seven and as far I know they are still most numerous one. They belong to 4th Flight Training Wing (4. SLSz) and their homebase is 42nd Flight Training Base in Radom-Sadkow (42. BLSz).

Orlik Demo Team

Orlik tight landing formation

Zespol Akrobacyjny Orlik

Orlik Aerobatic Team


PZL-130 Orlik TCII


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