Radom Airshow news

The date of International Air Show in Radom has just been approved – 24-25th of August 2013 , it will be culminating moment of Polish Aviation Feast celebration (anniversary of victory in Challenge in 1932 by Franciszek Zwirko and Stanislaw Wigura).  Next year airshow will be also occasion to celebrate 95th anniversary of Polish Military Aviation and 50th anniversary of TS-11 Iskra in active duty (I had wrote about 50 years of Iskra HERE).
Radom-Sadkow airbase will host for many teams from Europe (and I hope not only from Europe), so far confirmed teams are:

Bialo Czerwone Iskry:

Bialo Czerwone Iskry

Patrouille de France:

Patrouille de France

Red Arrows:

RAF Red Arrows
and B-52 (static display most likely).

On the base of last edition I hope that Polish Air/Ground Forces will show in dynamic display:

  • Mi-24 Hinds from 56. reg.
  • “Orlik” Demo Team
  • MiG-29 solo display
  • 2x MiG-29s vs. 2x F-16s (IN THRUST WE TRUST)
  • 2x Su-22s
  • and icing on the cake – SB Lim-2 (MiG-15UTI produced in Poland)

MiG-15UTI SB Lim-2

You can find some information on the official website: www.airshow.sp.mil.pl however there is no English translation yet, so I’ll try to post any news on my blog.

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