in tribute to An-2

Antonov An-2

The biggest single engine biplane. Great example of soviet “гнётся не ломается” (bent-but-do-not-break) technology, heavy duty workhorse from frozen tundra behind Arctic Circle via dusty steps of middle Asia to rainforests in Angola.  An airplane with ridiculous stall speed (around 25 knots), so there were cases when An-2 was able to fly backward from ground point of view.

Antonov An-2, SP-FYO

An-2 in Minsk Mazowiecki, 2012


Antonov An-2, SP-AOZ, Krakow 2012

An-2 on Krakow Airshow in Polish Aviation Museum

Antonov An-2, SP-AOZ, Krakow 2012

ASz-62IR radial engine

An-2 is powered by ASh-62IR engine, improved version of Wright R-1820 Cyclone 9

An-2 '7447', Polish Air Force

In 1982 the crew of An-2 7447 “Wiedenczyk” escaped from Poland (Krakow) to Austria (Wien), the plane come back soon to Poland, pilots stayed in western Europe.

Antonov An-2, Polish Air Force

Some of them are still in service in Polish Air Force, mostly for paratroopers training.

Apart from An-2 standard duties at least once it was used as aerobatic machine in 2006 during Aviation Picnic in Krakow – I was very lucky that I was eyewitness of  this show. The pilot lost his job or license (I’m not sure which version is true) next day after ;D

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