3rd Polish Bike Polo Championships

Last weekend in Krakow was hot, not only because of weather, but also thanks to 3rd Polish Bike-Polo Championships. On the hot tarmac teams from Poland crossed their mallets in fierce rivalry. For all those who haven’t seen it yet: bike polo (called urban or hardcourt) is a great mixture of polo, trial, hockey and acrobatics. There was a great atmosphere and finally I didn’t have to stand in some damn bushes or in the knee-deep mud.

From my point of view it was hard to do decent photo, because is hard for me to do a panning of object which moves less than 200 knots :) moreover I’m used to use at least 100mm focal lengths (shorter imao are for some macro photography).


As the reward for patience and getting through my photos you can see real good stuff from this event made by real pro photographer >>> HERE <<<

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