afterburned Saturday

Usually Saturday is a good day, Saturday with afterburner is a very good day, well, Saturday with a few afterburners is an excellent day.

Picnic in 23rd Base of Tactical Aviation.

23rd Base of Tactical Aviation (23. Blot) is located in Minsk Mazowiecki, 40 clicks east of Warsaw. Minsk Mazowiecki is a home base for 1st Tactical Sqd. (1. elt) their main “toys” are MiGs-29 “Fulcrum-A”.  On occasion the feast of 23. Blot an aviation picnic was organised, it was small but full of  afterburners: “Blower! Oh, boy, blower! That’s what tiggers like best.”


Morning displays:

MiG-29A Fulcrum-A “56”  from 1st Tactical Sqd. solo display. Pilot – Lt. Col. Artur Kałko.

Painting  in commemoration of W/Cdr Marian Pisarek.

Polish Air Force MiG-29A in Minsk Mazowiecki base.

MiG-29A “56” from 1st Tactical Squadron. The yellow siren under the cockpit is an emblem of former 1st Fighter Regiment “Warsaw”.

Polish MiG-29A from 1st Tactical Squadron 1ELT

MiG-29A "56"

The most beautiful emblem, with very long and bright story.

Artur Kielak (Polish champion in aerobatics) on Extra 300.

Artur Kielak display in Extra 300

Biało-Czerwone Iskry ( White-and-Red Sparks ) Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team.

TS-11 Iskra group take-ff

1-7-4: the deck of the “Sparks”

Bailo Czerwone Iskry Demo Team

Group take-off.

Bialo Czerwone Iskry formation flight

TS-11 Iskra

Formation of TS-11 Iskra

Bialo Czerwone Iskry echelon formation

Su-22M4 Fitter  “8919”  and “3713”  from 8th Tactical Sqd. ground attack display.

Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitter in Minsk Mazowiecki

That’s a kind of pony I wish I had.

Su-22M4 from 8ELT

Su-22M4 “8919” “Boar” from 8th Tactical Sqd.

Sukhoi Su-22 take off in Minsk Mazowiecki

Sortie take-off.

Pair of Sukhois Su-22

Pair of Sukhois is intercepting civil jet on FL350 ;)

Pair of Sukhois Su-22

Unlike other variable sweep-wing aircartfts Su-22 wing sweep is controlled by pilot only.

Polish Su-22 is launching flares

Su-22M4 is a export version of Su-17M4, NATO designation is Fitter-K

Su-22M4 take off

PZL Mielec M-18 Dromedary  as a flying fire extinguisher.

PZL M-18 Dromader

PZL Mielec M-18B “Dromedary” is used as cropduster or firefighting airplane.

PZL M-18 firefighting sortie

Water drop.

PZL M-18 Dromader water drop


The shape explains the name :)

Afternoon displays:

Artur Kielak.

Pair of Su-22 in attack again.

Scarecrow – The controller.

Su-22 deploys dragging chute

Good bye solo display: MiG-29A Fulcrum-A “111”  from 1st Tactical Sqd. pilot – Capt. Adrian Rojek.

Painting  in commemoration of  F/O Miroslaw Feric.

Polish MiG-29A 'Miroslaw Feric'

Miroslaw Feric was a Polish Ace pilot during WWII

MiG-29A from Polish Air Force

The carrots (Daucus carota) are very common vegetables in Minsk Mazowiecki.

MiG-29 afterburners

Big emblem of 1st Tactical Squadron – low-visibility version.

Big thanks to: von Kopytko for transport,  the organizers from 23rd Base and all pilots participating in picnic – fantastic show, THANK YOU!


5 thoughts on “afterburned Saturday

  1. The group photos were really cool. I would love to see something like this sometime. I need to go to an airshow.

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