Check six!

The goregus photo of Vulcan by APRON 6 inspired me to write this post, “check your six dude, you can have Vulcan on your tail ;)”. I’ve explored my archives (they are only three years old) and that’s what I’ve found:

This could be a view from trenches near Somma (Biggin Hill Airshow 2009):
Check six! Spowith Pup

Check six! Fokker Dr.I

Check six! Fokker Dr.I and Nieuport

The classic of the classics “Achtung! Spitfeuer!!!”; Bf-109 with Spit on his tail (Biggin Hill 2009).

ACHTUNG SPIFEUER!!! Bf-109 vs. Spitfire

Modern times – MiG 29 “evil aggressor” is being intercepted by F-16. Due to political correctness MiG had to be the evil one and F-16 won, of course ;D Photo was taken in very poor conditions, so it is only for documentation purposes (85 years of Polish Air Force Academy, Deblin 2010).

MiG 29 vs. F-16

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